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Charles Michael Byrd (Charukrishna), author of “The Bhagavad-gita in Black and White: From Mulatto Pride to Krishna Consciousness” (Backintyme

Publishing), is available as a speaker/lecturer on Vaishnava-Hinduism and specifically on how the ancient Vedic philosophy has practical application as regards transcending the race notion in general, and its particular application apropos of the mixed-race community.

Attention business owners and corporate leaders! Consider the practical application of the Vedic message to your company. While businesses typically provide “race relations” courses for their employees, why not make available to them “Transcending Race Consciousness in the Workplace” which Mr. Byrd will deliver at your establishment.

Contact Mr. Byrd by writing to: CM Byrd, P.O. Box 560185, College Point, NY 11356-0185.

Telephone contact is 718-909-1878.

Email is chasbyrd@gmail.com

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